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Public Safety 


Desmon believes that we all deserve to live in communities where we feel safe. As co-founder of the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability (GAPA) and the Empowering Communities for Public Safety coalition (ECPS), he knows that it’s more than holding police accountable to make community members feel safe. He will work with community residents and both Chicago Police Department and the University of Chicago Police Department to make sure residents feel protected in the ward, and feel safe in their encounters with law enforcement.


Economic Development 


As an alum of Kenwood Academy, Desmon witnessed Hyde Park transform into the bustling hub that it is today. He wants the same throughout the ward. He will work with the various chambers of commerce to identify opportunities for small business creation and expansion to attract new businesses to our corridors – from South Shore to Greater Grand Crossing, and from Kenwood to Woodlawn. Desmon will also work with property owners to provide resources and assistance to help make their properties attractive and competitive with those in other communities, work to identify pathways to home ownership and work with responsible developers and community-development corporations to develop vacant properties.



The south lakefront needs to be protected from further erosion. Desmon has heard directly from condo owners along South Shore Drive whose buildings have been affected by rising lake water and lakefront erosion. He will partner with the Army Corps Engineers and state and federal elected officials to prevent erosion of our shorelines, save Promontory Point, and prevent the flooding of our homes.

Youth Engagement


As a former teacher, Desmon knows the importance of supporting our youth. Desmon plans to create a Youth Council to provide political education, mentoring, and a safe space for young people to engage in our community.

Treatment Not Trauma


Desmon is in full support of Treatment Not Trauma. Sending armed officers to mental health crises and non-emergencies escalates the situation and does more harm than help. Furthermore, he believes we need more mental health staff at city-run sites, and to increase education around mental health resources available to city residents. Desmon believes that we should go further than just reopening the shuttered mental health sites. He believes the city should partner with non-profit agencies that are rooted in the various communities to help bolster their mental health teams as well. 

Bring Chicago Home 

Desmon firmly believes that housing is a human right. He supports Bring Chicago Home, and any other efforts to aid in curbing housing instability for City of Chicago residents.

Childcare For All 


Desmon supports childcare for all. He understands that childcare is the biggest expense for parents with children between the ages of 4-8. This can put a financial stranglehold on a family simply trying to make ends meet. Having to choose between going to work to provide for their children or staying home because of expensive childcare should not be a thing.

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