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Former GAPA Spokesperson, Desmon Yancy, Files Petitions for 5th Ward Alderman


The last day of filing nominating petitions was a good one for South Shore resident

Desmon Yancy, a candidate for 5 th  Ward alderperson. He not only turned in more than

2,800 signatures, but did so after receiving the recent endorsements of the Cook County

College Teachers Union-Local 1600 and United Working Families.  


Yancy is running for 5 th  Ward alderperson as a next step in his long journey as a community

organizer. After more than 20 years, the 5 th  Ward seat is open. The current alderperson,

Leslie Hairston, announced that she would not be seeking reelection. 


A first time candidate, Yancy has worked on many successful progressive issues such as

police oversight and reform, livable wages, affordable housing, environmental justice,

access to mental health care and improved education. The 5 th  Ward is known for being

represented by independent, progressive and outspoken elected officials. 


“It was exciting to submit my petitions and take the first official step to getting on the ballot

for the Feb. 28 election,” said Yancy. “Now, the real work of having in-depth conversations

with residents begins—something I have been doing as a community organizer for more

than 15 years.” 


As the former spokesperson for the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability and son

of a police officer, Yancy is determined to make sure the Community Commission for

Public Safety and Accountability lives up to its mission. He supports public safety reform

that addresses community needs and gun violence. He also will champion the need for more

affordable housing and equitable development in the ward. 


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Delmarie Cobb


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