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Candidate for Chicago’s 5th Ward, Desmon Yancy, Receives Endorsement of United Working Families

Updated: Dec 2, 2022


Standing in the cold outside City Hall, United Working Families was joined by the progressive organization’s list of endorsed candidates for the February 28, 2023 municipal election today. Calling them a “new generation of progressives,” UWF presented a multi-racial, multi-generational slate of candidates that it will be supporting in a movement to shift power from the mayor’s office to the city council.

Among the 18 endorsed candidates is Desmon Yancy who is running to be the next 5th Ward alderperson. After more than 20 years, the 5th Ward aldermanic seat is open. The current alderperson, Leslie Hairston, announced her retirement from the city council over the summer.

Yancy has spent 15 years as a community organizer and advocate for working families. He served for one year as UWF’s deputy political director and was a board member from 2016-2020.

Stacy Davis Gates, chair of United Working Families and president of the Chicago Teachers Union called out to cheers all of the endorsed candidates and the wards they plan to represent.

She also shared her encounter with a homeless man while exiting a downtown garage on the way to the news conference as an example of why Chicagoans need alderpeople who show up. Her remark was a reference to the alderpeople who failed to show up to take a vote to get the real estate transfer tax increase question on the February ballot. The money would help the city’s homeless population.

“It is no small wonder that you have this burgeoning group of individuals across the city who are going to fight for the many,” said Davis Gates.

In a news release UWF said their endorsed candidates “understand the struggles of working families,” which make up its membership of over 100,000 people across Illinois.

“Chicago’s South and West Side communities are desperate for the kind of laser focus that will distribute resources equitably. As a community organizer, I know how to lead campaigns that result in police oversight and reform, livable wages, affordable housing, environmental justice, access to mental health care and improved education,” said Yancy in response to the endorsement.

The South Shore resident said he is grateful to United Working Families for the trust its endorsement shows the organization has in his ability to represent, advocate and fight for 5th Ward residents.


Delmarie Cobb


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